Second QO-100 User Meeting with many guests

Second QO-100 User Meeting with many guests

July 2, 2022 Off By Peter Gülzow

On the sidelines of the HAM RADIO 2022 in Friedrichshafen, enthusiastic supporters of the geostationary QO-100 satellite met after a break of more than 2 years for the second QO-100 User Meeting for a pleasant evening.


A considerable number of more than 60 guests from 16 different DXCC countries had accepted the invitation of Nina DL2GRC, Hugo CT7AOV and Peter DB2OS and they met in a restaurant close to the fair.

After the welcome by Nina, Hugo and Peter, a very entertaining evening with many interesting conversations and meetings followed.

The joint dinner was immediately followed by a successful Kahoot quiz. Hugo and Nina had come up with a number of questions about QO-100, the AMSAT and the QO-100 Dx Club. The correctness of the answers and how quickly the result was answered on the smartphone were assessed in each case. You could watch in real time how the order of first places kept changing after each question.

Main prize

Finally, the first three winners were determined: First place went to Ernst PA1EJO, who was presented with a foldable TV dish for QO-100 as the grand prize.

In a very commendable gesture of friendship, Ernst passed the prize on to our newcomer and future radio amateur Alan from France, from whom we will surely hear more in the future. The honorable 2nd place was achieved by Robert DL5GAC, followed by David CT7AUP on the 3rd place. The grand prizes were sponsored by the QO-100 DX Club and AMSAT-DL.

After the loosening up quiz, the obligatory group photo could not be missing after the participants had given their obligatory consent.

In short, a very successful QO-100 User Meeting and our special thanks for the great organization and the quiz therefore go especially to Nina DL2GRC, Hugo CT7AOV and Costa CT1EAT.

After the meeting is before the next meeting, so surely all participants hope for a continuation at the third QO-100 User Meeting next year in 2023.


more impressions

Besides Kumar A75GM from QARS in Qatar we could welcome many guests from 16 DXCC countries.


Some days later: Arved DK5AV/M0KDS and Alan under the training callsign DN1YWF visiting the AMSAT-DL headquarters at the Bochum Observatory and QO-100 ground station DK0SB. Alan didn’t want to give up the microphone and made 16 QSO’s over QO-100 in SSB. Surely we will hear it again soon.

Florian DF2ET with Alan




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