May 26, 2023 Off

Invitation to the 3rd QO-100 User Meeting

By Peter Gülzow

Dear QO-100 users, how time flies - the last QO-100 User Meeting in Friedrichshafen is already almost a year ago. So we would like to know who would like to get together again for a casual meeting for all QO-100...

May 19, 2023 Off

Analysis of HAKUTO-R Spacecraft Landing on the Moon, 2023-Apr-25

By Peter Gülzow

Iban Cardona, Daniel Estévez, Peter Gülzow Edgar Kaiser, James Miller ©2023 The Authors Summary -- The ispace HAKUTO-R M1 spacecraft mission was planned to land on Earth's Moon in or near Atlas crater at 2023-04-25 16:40 utc. But the HAKUTO-R...

March 26, 2023 Off

Proactive securing of former mining shafts on the site of the Bochum Observatory

By Peter Gülzow

On the aforementioned site of the Bochum Observatory, there are several old mining shafts from the 19th century or later that were used to develop and mine coal seams. The exact condition and location of these shafts are not known....

October 10, 2022 Off

DP0POL/mm permanently accessible via QO-100

By Peter Gülzow

On October 10, 2022 at 12:00 UTC, the new QO-100 station was officially commissioned aboard the research vessel Polarstern in an opening ceremony. Andreas DL3LRM, operator of DP0POL/mm and Peter DB2OS at station DK0SB of AMSAT-DL and Observatory Bochum, performed...

September 18, 2022 Off

QO-100 Multimedia Beacon with new content

By Peter Gülzow

QO-100's Multimedia HighSpeed Beacon has received another update and now includes 10 tabs for the various AMSAT bulletins. Other functions, such as the DXCluster and the CW spotter have also been revised. Also new are the QO-100 DX Club News,...

August 11, 2022 Off

Symposium, flea market and general meeting 2022

By Peter Gülzow

The AMSAT-DL Symposium will be held prior to the General Membership Meeting on Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm. The general meeting will follow at 2 p.m., after a short lunch break during which refreshments will...