Thank you for your interest in satellite amateur radio and the AMSAT-DL. Our association primarily promotes the development, construction and operation of amateur radio satellites.

Satellites have become an indispensable part of today’s communications society, and amateur radio via satellites is a particularly modern, international and technically sophisticated branch of our hobby. It is even designated as a special radio service with separate frequency allocations in the international Radio Regulations. Here, radio amateurs are breaking new ground – which not least earned AMSAT-DL non-profit status and thus the tax deductibility of membership fees and donations.

What does the AMSAT-DL offer you? As a member you will receive the informative magazine “AMSAT-DL-Journal” 4 times a year. This magazine informs you promptly about news from the world of amateur radio satellites and gives many tips about station equipment and operating techniques. Thus the “AMSAT-DL-Journal” with its topics of interest in the medium and long term is growing into an ever thicker reference work. And AMSAT-DL merchandise distribution provides them with relevant satellite tracking software, literature and other accessories.

With a membership in AMSAT-DL you are not only always well informed, but you promote the cause of amateur radio via satellites quite substantially. You become a member of a world-encompassing community. But don’t ask what the AMSAT-DL can do for you, better ask what you can do for the AMSAT. Namely, through your contribution, your donations and your cooperation, to promote an international community work, so that satellite radio remains an integral part of amateur radio in the future.


The membership fee from 1.1.2022 (according to the resolution of the general meeting on 28.8.2021) is per year:

  • 120 Euro normal contribution.
  • 50 Euro reduced fee for pupils/students, severely handicapped persons, family members and needy persons on presentation of an appropriate certificate.


After you have read the statutes and decided to join AMSAT-DL, please return the completed membership form to us.


Welcome to the AMSAT-DL!

Peter Gülzow, DB2OS, 1st Chairman


(as at: 25.3.2022)

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