Svalbard QO-100 Satellite DX-Pedition

Svalbard QO-100 Satellite DX-Pedition

January 4, 2022 Off By Peter Gülzow

The very first Svalbard QO-100 Satellite DX-Pedition will take place April 22-24, 2022 from Kapp Linné – Isfjord Radio at 78° North.



ON4CKM Cedric, ON5UR Max and ON4DCU Patrick will take up the challenge and travel to Kapp Linné and stay there for 3 days, trying to be active 24 hours a day via the Qatar-OSCAR 100 satellite.


They will operate two QO-100 satellite stations under the callsigns JW0W and JW100QO, while JW0X will be used by another team for contacts on shortwave.

With QO-100 only 3° above the horizon, Kap Linné was the only suitable place in the area with Svalbard at the edge of the satellite footprint. Looking for a suitable location to stay and getting there, is one of the biggest challenges and cost drivers for the team.

QO-100 / Es’hail-2 footprint from position 26° East

This is indeed a very unique opportunity to work this rare location and DXCC via satellite. And if they are lucky, they might also be able to contact DP0GVN at the german antarctic research Neumayer-Station III for the North/South distance record via QO-100.

The team needs your support, please visit their web page and make a donation!



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