ISS radio contact “Cosmic Kiss” with Matthias Maurer via QO-100

ISS radio contact “Cosmic Kiss” with Matthias Maurer via QO-100

February 21, 2022 Off By Peter Gülzow

Currently, German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer is aboard the International Space Station ISS with the individual amateur radio call sign KI5KFH. As part of his “Cosmic Kiss” mission, he also conducts amateur radio contacts with schools under the callsign DP0ISS.

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 10:05 UTC, the Erasmus-Gymnasium Denzlingen, together with the Goethe-Gymnasium Freiburg, will make radio contact with astronaut Matthias Maurer on the ISS space station DP0ISS under the callsign DN1EME.

A group of radio amateurs around Matthias Bopp DD1US had coordinated the radio contact with the ARISS organization(Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) in advance and made all technical and organizational preparations.

Live via QO-100 in DATV (DVB-S2)

The supporting program with the ARISS school contact will also be broadcast live on the broadband transponder (WB) of the QO-100 (Es’hail-2) geostationary amateur radio satellite on Feb. 22, 2022, starting at 09:15 CET (08:15 UTC):

  • Frequency: 10494.750 MHz
  • Format: DVB-S2, 1 MS Symbol Rate, 3/4 FEC, Video Codec H.265

The DATV uplink is by Gary ZS6YI in South Africa and was coordinated in advance with AMSAT-DL.

Here is the supporting program, which will take place in the auditorium of the Erasmus-Gymnasium in Denzlingen, times in CET (UTC+1):

09:15 Start of the livestream
09:15 Musical contribution “Starwars” (school orchestra Erasmus-Gymnasium Denzlingen)
09:20 Welcome and presentation of the program and schedule (Mr. Schmid, Cosmic Kiss mission manager from the German Space Agency at DLR).
09:25 Greeting by the principal of the Erasmus-Gymnasium (Mrs. Bohlen)
09:30 Message of greeting from the mayor of Denzlingen (Mr. Hollemann)
09:35 Presentation on Cosmic Kiss (Mr. Schmid)
10:00 Break
10:15 Presentation on the ARISS radio contact (Mr. Bopp)
10:40 Video report on various class projects on the subject of space travel (Erasmus-Gymnasium Denzlingen)
10:50 Musical contribution “Major-Tom” (school choir Goethe-Gymnasium Freiburg)
10:55 Radio contact moderation (Mr. Schmid, Mr. Bopp)
11:04 Radio contact
11:20 Interviews with teachers, students and radio amateurs (Mr. Schmid)
11:40 Farewell (Mr. Schmid)
11:45 End of the livestream


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