EMM/Hope live from Mars at 20m Antenna Bochum-Observatory

EMM/Hope live from Mars at 20m Antenna Bochum-Observatory

February 9, 2021 Off By Peter Gülzow

Tune in into our live stream and listen to the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Hope Probe when it arrives at Mars. We will track EMM with our 20-Meter Antenna at the Bochum Observatory about 2 hours before orbital insertion. Fingers crossed for HopeProbe!



You will be seeing a live spectrum view from the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM/Hope) Telemetry transmitter received by the 20-Meter Antenna of the Bochum-Observatory in Germany.

HH Sheikh Mohammed has announced the arrival time at Mars to be Feb 9, 1942h UAE time, which is 1542h UTC. During the ‘dark 27 minutes’ the Hope Probe will be partially eclipsed by Mars and no signals will be received on Earth.

The Delta V Thrusters will slow down the Hope Probe to 18,000 km/h. This phase will be completed independently with the probe getting as close as 1000 km above Mars!


For more details see:

  • https://amsat-dl.org/en/20-meter-antenna/
  • https://www.emiratesmarsmission.ae/


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