AO-40 (P3-D) Telemetry-Specifications

The following documents describe the AO-40 (P3-D) Telemetry Format

(Release 1.8, 2001 Oct 05)


FEC-Coded AO-40 Telemetry

In 2002 Phil Karn, KA9Q made a proposal for a FEC-Coded AO-40 Telemetry to adopt the communication strategies used routinely for several decades by NASA space missions. Only one year later it has been implemented on OSCAR-10 with spectacular results.


AO40Rcv – Telemetry Decoder Project

Ao40Rcv is a Windows program written by AE4JY that can be used for telemetry decoding from AO-40 (P3-D) using a soundcard as the source.

  • Download from AE4JY homepage (Windows binary and source code)
  • VB-CABLE is an Audio device driver working as a virtual audio cable. All signals sent to the device output is going on the device input. This is required when you are using an SDR (Software Defined Radio) to receive the telemetry signals.


AO-40 Telemetry Archive

Telemetry from AMSAT-OSCAR 40 is collected for archiving by Paul Willmott, VP9MU, of AMSAT-BDA (Bermuda).


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