According to Es'hailSat corporate website, the Qatar Satellite Company, the launch of P4-A / Es'hail-2 is scheduled for Q4/2018.

Further information will be announced when available.  Meanwhile AMSAT-DL is preparation the ground-station equipment which will be installed at the Es'hailSat Satellite Control Center in Qatar, at QARS HQ in Doha and at AMSAT-DL HQ in Bochum.

Es'hail-2 (courtesy of Es'hailSat)




We have been informed by Es'hailSat Qatar Satellite company, that the launch of Es'hail-2 with the first P4-A geostationary amateur radio transponder is shifted to 2018.

The announcement is on the corporate Es'hailSat website at https://www.eshailsat.qa/en/satellites/index/


Since Nov 10th, 0740h UTC AMSAT-DL and Bochum Observatory are receiving again space weather data from the STEREO mission.

STEREO-A is a NASA/NOAA solar observation mission to monitor the sun and provide space weather data. Since August 2014, the reception of data was interrupted as STEREO-A moved behind the sun when seen from Earth. As the angular separation has increased again the STEREO mission control reoriented the spacecraft on Nov 9th to point its antenna back to Earth. AMSAT-DL together with the 20m dish of the Bochum Observatory is now again able to receive the space weather data and relay it in real-time to NASA, NOAA and other research institutions.

The Bochum ground station is jointly operated by AMSAT-DL and IUZ Sternwarte Bochum. We are supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) under project number 50OC1201.


Download P4-A Leaflet in .PDF here

Robert W. Farquhar, PhD (1932-2015)

It is with great sadness to inform you that Robert W. Farquhar, former flight director of the ISEE-3 mission passed away on October 18th, 2015.

Bob’s dissertation was key to halo orbits around libration points, which are now used by many science missions. After redirecting the ISEE-3 mission to comet Giacobini-Ziner in 1985 he developed the trajectory with eventually returned ISEE-3 to earth’s vicinity in 2014, where with his assistance an international team successfully regained control of the aging spacecraft.

Our heart goes out to his family and friends and all those who were close to him.

Peter Guelzow, DB2OS